I won't lie and say I'm brave, I'm unique or that I am succeeding in managing the daily pain associated with my Fibromyalgia. I will, however, say that each day has to be started afresh. One cannot carry yesterday's struggles into today or else it will become all consuming.

What is this pain you talk about?

There was a time when I would have quite happily have considered my period pains, arthritis and even my kidney stones to have been the worst pain ever, and yet that has all changed. About two years ago I was diagnosed with burnout and chronic fatigue, I started a path to wellness and shed almost 30kg's in weight.

But I wasn't getting better, in fact, I felt worse, the weight started piling on again despite my healthy eating and exercising and my days became plagued with an all-consuming fatigue. My joints started to ache, the kind of dull dark pain that haunts you! It started keeping me awake at night and soon insomnia became a friend. Confused about what was happening to my body, I once again went to see Dr. Graham Duncombe at Health Renewal.

After considerable hormone and health screens (which had to be done), it was discovered that I have Leaky Gut and that my condition had progressed from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Fibromyalgia ... the 'F' word! At first, I thought me ... an autoimmune disease ... Nah! But, none of us is immune! In fact, our modern lifestyles are fodder for this plague which seems to be riddling modern society. 

So what are the causes you may ask? 
Doctors don't know exactly what causes fibromyalgia, but it most likely involves a variety of factors working together. Truth be told unless you find a functional medicine doctor you may never get the assistance you need.

Causes may include:
1. Genetics
Because fibromyalgia tends to run in families, there may be certain genetic mutations that may make you more susceptible to developing the disorder.
2. Ongoing Long-Term Stress
Physical or emotional trauma. Post-traumatic stress disorder has been linked to fibromyalgia.
3. Inflammation
4. Hormonal Imbalances

The other faces of Fibromyalgia

Is pain the only symptom that Fibromyalgia sufferers struggle with, heck no! Again if I look back all through my youth the symptoms were there I just ignored them:
- Cognitive and memory problems (sometimes called "fibro fog")
- Trouble sleeping
- Morning stiffness
- Headaches
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Painful menstrual periods
- Numbness or tingling of hands and feet
- Restless legs syndrome

So how does one cope with the constant pain, well aside from getting a proper diagnosis, following the prescribed supplements and avoiding dairy, grain or sugar where possible ... you've just got to keep going.

Listen to your body, I personally find sugar and wheat drive my inflammation and joint pain through the roof. I try not to be difficult when eating out or visiting friends, but I know that I will need to have painkillers on hand the next day. Whatever you do, do not try to walk this path alone, tell friends and get a support system in place. Ongoing pain often results in withdrawing from society, depression and disappearing out of sight ... this is not healthy!

For supplements read this post of mine "Starting 2017 Exhausted"

If I can give one piece of advice and encouragement, fight it! Fight it every day, with all that you have and are! You can do this!