How do you control those voices in your head? Many of us are utterly overwhelmed by daily life, stress and work pressures making it hard to get any form of quiet in our heads.

While peace of mind and a clear headspace may seem a tad trivial, the truth is that more and more stress is contributing to illness such as anxiety, depression and auto-immune disorders. So how do we glean a modicum of peace in this modern day madness?

Truth be told it 's hard, we all wish we could be transported away to some deserted location where we could relax all day, see people when we want to and well the rest will just happen as in the movies ... but, this, as we all know, is a far cry from reality!

It seems the only way to get a little peace these days is to plan it, switch off and then implement it. Hide the phone and the PC if you have to ... but do take some time for mindful meditation and relaxation.


Here are five ways in which you can limit your day to day stressors in order to better cope with those little 'sneakers' ... yes, you know them! I call them the stress bombs!

1. Prepare
Prepare your meals and what you plan to wear to work the night before. That way if an emergency crops up unexpectedly, you can operate on auto-pilot and not have to rush about in a flurry!

2. Make a list
Try and make a small list before you close up shop for the night. Write down your priorities for the next day so that you can hit the ground running without stressing about what you may forget.

3. Create habits
Try to keep it simple by having dedicated spaces for your keys, your bag, your work items. This means that when you are getting ready for your day you can be sure of where all your various items are and gather them together with minimal fuss.

4. Go green
Again avoid lugging around reams of paper, this is the digital era so do make the most of it! Implement places to store your info so that it is close at hand and it takes the stress out of having to source info or complete tasks.

5. Take your vitamins
Your body is not a machine, it relies on sustenance for good health. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated ... a hydrated brain is a happy brain. Take vitamins to boost your brain and maintain it's acuity. Lastly take an immune booster to prevent the onset of illness, a stressed body is a vulnerable body!

So there you have it, my simple ways of coping. If those voices persist and you cannot seem to gain ground I suggest you find a confidante, find faith (as in my case), find a doctor or psychiatrist whichever helps! One thing is for certain don't let the voice of stress convince you that you are not good enough or able to cope!

Remember you only get one life to live so make it count!