Now it's not very often I open a hair product get blown away and then want to go shower just to see what it does ... yep, that's what RetailBox's  #RBSecretBox#32 did to me!


Let me explain ...
first of all, if you are familiar with JOICO, you will know and understand what an amazing brand they are (Joico K-Pak Mask is a long time favorite). From the texture and smell of the product to the way your hair feels afterward ... it's just awesome! Now marry that with the most beautiful mermaid electric blue colored shampoo and you'll also want to run off and shower.

The RetailBox #RBSecretbox #32 consist of a JOICO COLOUR BALANCE BLUE KIT 
for R265 ( a massive R295 saving!!)

This product is ideal for those who tend to have yellow or brassy undertones in their hair, dark blonde, brunette hair and copper tones too.

So here's a little breakdown for you ...

The JOICO COLOUR BALANCE BLUE SHAMPOO is suited to dark blonde, dark brunette, brassy or copper undertones. It acts as a colour corrector for overly warm tones while cleansing and protecting each and every strand of hair. It features a Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex as well as an Advanced Peptide Complex to restore true colour to coloured and highlighted hair. This product will help extend the life of your hair colour and leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

I adore the fragrance, my hair feels great, and that orange (thanks to my Scottish heritage) is quickly taken care of. The shampoo itself is the most amazing electric blue colour ... so pretty!

Again the JOICO COLOUR BALANCE BLUE CONDITIONER features the Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex as well as an Advanced Peptide Complex to restore true colour to coloured and highlighted hair. The product itself is more purple in colour and of course has a great creamy texture without being too heavy. I found that my hair felt soft cared for and my frizz was minimised substantially.

Again this is another great smelling winner in my books!
If you know what's right for you don't miss out, the deal is open, and these won't last long ...

Heck, at this price you are all but getting one bottle free!

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