There was a time where wearing glasses came with the stigma of being a 'nerd' or 'uncool', nowadays  glasses have become rather iconic.

We have seen the rise of fashion houses and with that came the addition of accessories in the form of both sunglasses and reading glasses. Sadly, not all of us are able to afford the gorgeous Armani, Gucci, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren's. Great news though, there is fabulous online store called GlassesShop.Com which I discovered. They have a huge selection of both sunglasses, reading glasses as well as prescription sunglasses and all at affordable prices.

Glasses from GlassesShop.Com affordable style for your eyes

So how can you shop for your eyeglasses and prescription glasses online?
1. Visit
2. Choose your preferred style
3. If they are prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, indicate RX and PD (pupillary distance)
4. Enter your details, pay and wait for them to arrive (in South Africa it can take up to 8 weeks)

So as you can see above my purchase from GlassesShop.Com was a gorgeous pair of transparent brown glasses with the most beautiful floral design running down the sides. I am really blown away by the service I received, the ease of ordering and the quality of the product I received ... despite our shocking postal system here in South Africa.

Here's 4 reasons why I will shop again:
1. The product is a quality product
2. The glasses are true to order (what you see, truly is what you get)
3. The amazing selection of frames, it's mind blowing!
4. The packaging, the product is beautifully wrapped and encased keeping it safe both in transit and in your bag.

So truly there is no need to make a spectacle of yourself, choose your eye wear to suit your outfit! If that isn't temptation enough, the kind people over at GlassesShop.Com have given me a special coupon code just for you!

GSHOT50 for you to include in your post.This code means that you can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).
** open to my readers worldwide

Go on peeps spoil yourself a little it's not everyday you get an offer like this! 

** Disclaimer 2