Yes, I am the crazy cat lady, I love my kitties as they are my children, my companions and the cuddliest critters ever.

Your cats are what you make them

So many people have said to me your cats are unique, I have never seen cats like yours before! Why? Well because my cats are not aloof and distant but rather thrive on love and cuddles.

You see cats are often misunderstood, yes, they all have their own personalities, and some may not be as cuddly as others. The trick is to love them as THEY ARE! Do not try to change your cat's personality, just love them differently. It's also always important not to try and modify the laws of nature, in other words, the pecking order. If you have more than one kitty always honor the 'top cat'. In other words, the oldest of the pack, feed him/her first, greet that cat first when you get home and pay adequate attention to him/her.

So here are a few of my tips, I am no 'kitty whisperer, ' but all I can say is that my cats are the envy of many, and I know given half a chance people would be happy to take them off my hands ... not happening #JustSaying
So here are my kitty love rules in my home:

Give them love
So my cats as I have mentioned love to be hugged. I have made it my policy to give them love from when they are teeny tiny, also whenever they ask for it, no matter how inconvenient (yes, even on the toilet). Cats have a way of wanting attention at the most unbelievable times, but to get affection, you need to give love when your kitty wants it. Have you ever felt rejection? Well, your cat never forgets rejection.

Show them who's boss
When your cats act out, show them who's boss. I am not saying abuse your cat, but I am saying a tap on the bum, a stern voice and talking to while looking your cat in the eyes (a dominant kitty behavior) ... this lets your cat know that you are the boss and serious!

Never, never, and I mean never abuse your cat's trust.

Devote your time and connect
When you get a minute take the time to cuddle and snuggle up to your pet, slowly break down barriers. From when they are young implement things such as checking their teeth, checking between the pads of their feet, their ears or even blowing the occasional 'zerbit/sherbet' on their tummies (yes, I do this, and it is possible if your cat trusts you.

My cats have different places they allow me to tickle and I respect this, but it is always a breeze taking them to the vet or administering meds because of this advice.

They will test you
Like children, your kitties will test your patience, your authority, and your rules BUT always show them who the boss is. Like children cats need to know who is in charge, but that they are still loved.

Talk kitty
This is important, cats respond to sound. Speak in soft dulcet tones, whisper behind their ears, call with cutesy pet names and change your tone for your different kitties. Cats are not unlike humans they want to feel loved as individuals, they thrive on sweet nothings whispered into their ears.

So there you have it my #CrazyCatLady house rules that keep me in regular cuddles and covered in fur ... not that I'm complaining.