It's a funny thing really, as humans we fall into one of two categories ... hoarders or minimalists. Now I know many will argue and say that there is a third category somewhere in between, but nope! There isn't!

Living generously every day

You either have the gift of being able to be satisfied with little or you prefer nesting, anything in between is just simply procrastination. And, sadly, I am a procrastinator! I have many things I know I don't really need, and yet I struggle to let them go. I am not a hoarder as when the need calls to let go and get rid of 'stuff' I do and can ... but it's those other 'bitty things' and old papers ... man alive I struggle!

The new year has not brought on any new life changing resolutions for me, but rather a resolve to refine the art of letting go, and being generous by giving what I don't need to others who do.

This year's Christmas gifts were the best ever thanks to the recession. For the first time, I felt like people truly put thought into their gifts as they only had a few pennies to spare and wanted to make it meaningful. It is the first year in which I did not receive copious amounts of bath stuff and chocolates (sniff sniff, these I missed) but rather I got some lovely treasures which I will use throughout the year.

I plan to once again sow into the community this year and give back with my time and my gifts (gardening) because anyone can give cash but time and love are irreplaceable. Have you planned a year of cleaning out and generosity? I would love to hear what you have in mind?

So by not being an object collector, I have already started spring cleaning my home and my life, and I can see it will be an ongoing process. Procrastination be damned!

Have a Super 2017 everyone and remember you are original ... no one can be a better you!