Jingle bells, jingle bells ... something smells divine .. oh what fun I'll have me some every single day!

Yep, that would be my theme song if I have these YANKEE CANDLE FESTIVE FRAGRANCES in my home!

I have been obsessed with Yankee Candles ever since I first met them at what Americans call an 'outlet shop' or we what we South Africans know as a factory shop. I was on the ships and a whole group of us headed out to a district just outside of Boston where they had a whole lot of Outlet stores including Timberland, Gap, Banana Republic and of course Yankee Candles ... to say I had smelled them before I saw them would be an understatement.

These are not just your average candles folks, the scent throw is unbelievable and literally pervades every nook and cranny of your home filling with nothing but good smells and great memories.

While they are not cheap (coughs) they are pretty unique and in the past very hard to come by down here in Cape Town (unless you were prepared to pay hectic postage). I have good news, however!

Please do not storm STODELS NURSERIES now Cape Town and leave nothing for me. Stodels Nurseries now stock the best sellers in three different sizes, the small jars at approx R160.00, the medium jars at approx R339.00 and the Large jars at approx R399.00 (I say approx because I got so excited I can't remember exactly ...eish!)
So Stodels can satisfy your basic cravings for candle greatness however if you are looking for seasonal lovelies you will need to order online at YANKEE CANDLES and have them shipped to you ... le sigh!

Here are a few of this year's Festive Candle fragrances to tempt you, feel free to send me an ALL IS BRIGHT & VANILLA CUPCAKE should you have a little ka-ching that is still going wanting (tee hee).
So as I continue to tempt you with some of my favourite wishlist items do enjoy a very Merry Christmas filled with happy smells, love and light.

And no, this is not a sponsored post!