I don't know about you, but I am not made for summer, in fact, every year I dread the day the heat arrives in its full intensity (as a friend recently said 'I am not made for hell'). Don't get me wrong I love the sunshine, but for me, I thrive in Spring and Autumn!
These blazing hot temperatures result in drought, fire and little else in my opinion! I find that the heat not only makes me retain water, it genuinely makes me miserable.

This year with having moved into my first home (which I own), I was not sure what the summer would be like. Previously while it baked down on the upstairs level of the duplex I rented, my downstairs was always blissfully cool.

Well, I am dying here people, the heat is unbearable and has made my kitties sick twice already.

If there were two things I would invest in right now given the funds, it would be aircon and insulation in my roof. You see the sun rises and beats down on the one side of my house, then progresses to the roof and later beats down on the other side of my house ... resulting in a hot sticky home!

So needless to say I started to explore my options and see what is out there, I couldn't avoid Samsung as a brand because most of my appliances are SAMSUNG and I do love the brand. Here are a few solutions I found for your home and business and both are energy efficient:

SAMSUNG MALDIVES 12000 BTU Inverter Aircon, is attractive to look at, has great benefits and did you know that you can now rent to own Aircon? Who knew right? Well, this one is available over at Teljoy.

- Anti-corrosion finTurbo cooling
- Energy-efficient Digital Inverter
- High-density filter collects up to 60% of dust and allergy causing bacteria

So once again on my exploration I came across another Samsung beauty, it is modern (as in uber modern) in design it is a free standing unit. The gorgeous SAMSUNG Q9000 Floorstanding Unit Aircon is just gorgeous, and it comes with many benefits too:

The outdoor unit can be located up to 20 meters away, ensuring little indoor sound levels. R410A gas guarantees eco-friendliness and S-Plasma Ion plus ZERO filter ensure a healthy environment.


Sleek modern design
Powerful 28 000 Btu/hr output
18m³/min air circulation
Heating & cooling
S-Plasma Ion and ZERO filters with
anti-bacteria coating for a healthy environment
Eco-friendly R410A gas

SANTA CAN I HAVE TWO ... PRETTY PLEASE!! (I've been a good girl)

Samsung has also come up with a compact, practical and space saving solution for your business this summer, they have taken a look at past load shedding and created an energy efficient system.
Samsung has engineered an air-cooled chiller with the revolutionary Digital Variable Multisystem (DVM) Chiller, the company has embedded its world-class Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Inverter Scroll Compressor with Flash Injection technology, limiting both electricity requirements and wear and tear. There is no need for cooling towers, installation is easy, and Samsung’s DVM Chillers offer instant temperature control.

Since no cooling tower is required this is the ideal solution for small business, and it doesn't break the bank account. Enquire at your nearest SAMSUNG agent.

I love the new and innovative solutions which Samsung is coming up with, and from this overheating Cape Townian, all I can say is, I wish that I had two of these aircon unit in my home this summer ... because unlike Santa, I do not live in the North Pole.

Say a little prayer that the kitties and I make through the coming heat and what seems will be a very long dry summer.
**This is not a sponsored post