Never let it be said or seen that this gal goes hungry ....oh no! Foodie is the one word that describes my heart and soul .... weight issues, now that's the theme song of my life! Flavour however, is the word that describes my happy place ... yep, she will never go hungry!

it is with this in mind that I introduce one of the most humble establishments with the most delicious food around ... PITMASTERS @LIGHTHOUSE!

Traditionally known for their food truck and local slow market food this company has now progressed to their first brick and mortar restaurant.
So one lazy Saturday afternoon myself and a few family members decided to treat ourselves (thanks to my coercion) to the yummiest meat lovers treat this side of Texas! (did ya'll hear the drawl in there ... he he he)

Here is a sneak peek at the feasting of the day.

Ever seen a blooming onion ... no? Well here is one ta-da aah! It is a yummy treat served two dressings, one which is like a sweet chilli and the other a creamy quite neutral tasting sauce.
So above is possibly the most delicious cheese brisket burger,  the meat is slow roasted and absolutely divine ... yes, it tastes as good as it looks!
Just another pic in case you weren't convinced ... tee hee!
If burgers aren't your thing, don't worry they cater to everyone's taste with some fabulous pulled pork and brisket pizza's. While I did not actually partake of the pizza it looked pretty delicious too.

So there you have it folks another quaint eatery on Woodbridge Island in Cape Town. The service is slow, the food is amazing so why not sit back relax chat with a few friends whilst you wait for a delicious treat.

What you waiting for?

** This is not a sponsored post