Whilst working on the cruise ships I had a secret obsession. Here it is ... confession time *blushes* you see I am not really an ice-cream lover BUT Baskin Robbins is not just any ice-cream!
Whilst others were hovering over Haagen Dazs, I was always waiting for our South American (San Juan & Santo Domingo) ports, so that I could rush ashore at lunch time and grab my favourite BASKIN ROBBINS fix.

My weaknesses the ROCKY ROAD & PRALINES & CREAM ...yep, nothing like it!

So the other day I am standing next a guy at Canal Walk in Cape Town , I see the Baskin Robbins logo on his shirt sleeve (mind you he wasn't bad to look at either ... missed opportunity much!) and I couldn't resist asking where they are opening the store? You see there has been much hype on social media, and with Media tastings (no, I was  not part of this clearly) and it got my tatstebuds going again.

This is the logo that leads to the destrucion of all willpower!
Uh-huh it sure does ... you'll see!

So with a little tap on the shoulder, the very friendly guy informed me that they are opening this week at Canal Walk ...eeeep!

I just thought I would share the great news, my addiction and hopefully get a few of you to indulge with me ... so that I don't feel quite as guilty when I get there after the initial buzz.

Summer just got a whole lot tastier peeps!
#HappyFlavours indeed!
** This is no a sponsored post