So it was time for a little catch up with me and some of my gals (yes, bad English pfft) and I got to choose the spot! Now I know the majority of the world will agree when I say there is nothing quite like bacon! Yep, show me the bacon!


As you may have guessed the place I chose was none other than Bacon On Bree, I had heard so much about it when it first launched and consequently requested an interview from owner Richard Bosman. Alas, I was neither invited to the launch nor did I ever get the answer to my interview questions (I will take late payment in bacon Richard .... just saying ... tee hee!)

Nah, seriously as you all know by now I pay for my own restaurants (most of the time) and I ALWAYS give you an honest review. So let's do away with the necessities ... 

The sidewalk seating area of BACON ON BREE can accommodate wheelchairs, however, there is no access to the bathrooms for wheelchairs. The restaurant is housed in an old 'bo-kaap /styled' building which is very endearing but not suited to the disabled. 

Inside the restaurant itself is a multi-dimensional and multiple layered facilities with hidden courtyards, and possibly the 'lowest' toilet I have ever had the challenge of hovering over (eish, those squats paid off).

Over all the venue remains small and cozy. Sadly you cannot book ... however, it is well worth both the visit and the wait.


Yes, guys, I ate a hairy biker indeed , I kid you not! The menu is fun and whimsical with great names for the dishes which you can check out over here (MENU). I chose the option which did not feature any wheat, gluten and as far as possible carbs ... well, cause I 'm weird like that (or maybe I'm on an eating plan ...ssh hh hh!). As for the gals they all went for a BLT and they absolutely loved it too!
The coffee was great and the brand Kamili I believe and served in the quaintest cups which were rudimentary in shape and created from earthenware ... just lovely!

I had a really lovely morning chatting with the gals and we were all so comfortable, that if we did not have other plans we might just have stayed for lunch too.

To view their info , menu or just browse BACON ON BREE

** This is not a sponsored post