I know I know it's not normal to lump two so very different products together but I have to tell you that if anything these are currently topping my lust-worthy list .... along with a few more Yankee Candles (can never have enough).

I have really come to appreciate the value and investment of proper leather handbags, they are hellishly expensive for us mere mortals, but by simply saving towards one, the rewards and longevity are just amazing!

I invested in two bags a while ago and they are looking better than ever, going strong ... but how I would love a leather shopper handbag. One that I could use when I travel, as well as for everyday casual wear! So when Jinger Jack's latest news letter landed in my inbox it was almost 'snot and trane' ... you see I saw the bag (the GOA) I have been waiting for! 

The problem is the chance of me investing currently 'ZERO', this is the reality of buying a house and the first two years of paying a bond ... it's eina! gals it's eina! So I thought I would put myself out of misery by making you lust after it too ...'mwahahaha!'
Retails for R2150

I mean, is this not just a thing of beauty ... sigh! Maybe Santa will get 'klapped' over the head ... lose his way ... and deliver one of these! (tee hee)

Just by the by, here are Jinger Jack's new range ... no I am not paid or sponsored, nor am I a fashion blogger (salute you gals ... I just can't bear seeing myself in pictures), so rest assured this is an honest lust-have!
Whilst those may have you also left you in a state of envious lust , why stop when you are onto something good right?

So up next is my lust-haves for my gym kit, my recent passion for ABC Bootcamp has spurned a love for exercise and active wear ... quite strange really, but true! And, for some reason I am currently levitating towards turquoise ... just love it!

So here are my favourites currently featured by Total Sports and yes, they are matchy matchy ... sorry not sorry! That's just how I roll!
Retails for R 479

Retails for R1499

So as you can see my shopping habits have progressed from bad to worse (in financial terms that is) my sense of taste and style ... it holds strong! Both the Nike trainers and Nike Sports Bra are available from Total Sports online , just saying! 

I really have come to love the knitted fabric trainers and the lightweight soles allow my feet to flex and move, I am honestly surprised at how much it affects my performance and running. My current Nike Free 3.0's are my best friends #BFF's! 

But don't think I stopped dreaming there, oh no no no! This is the last lust for today, yep for us people who like to be active and track our progress I do believe it is the ultimate to have ...
Retails for R2999

So this lovely FitBit Charge 2 is available on TakeALot.com, where I often shop ... dream and browse. It is an investment piece in my eyes and one which is not only great to keep track when you are on the move but to also serve as a reminder to get your ass into gear.

So after all that shopping you must be exhausted, I will leave you with a little motivation to keep going everyday with eyes on the goal. If at 42 years I am 30kg's lighter and I do Bootcamp 3 x per week ... you can do it! As my friends at Nike say #JustDoIt

**This is not sponsored post but my own wishlist.