Nothing beats a night with the stars, under the stars and once again the Galileo Open Air Cinema is up and running for the summer season.

Oldies but goodies at the cinema

If you are looking for a lovely night out , fresh air, fabulous food, and a great movie … look no further!

Galileo has perfected the art of the outdoor movies , with the great venues, comfy chair backs and snuggly (and clean) blankets it just never disappoints. If you love some of the oldies such as THE NOTEBOOK and DIRTY DANCING then you are in for a treat, check out the GALILEO CINEMA schedule over here and be warned that you need to book early as they sell out quite quickly.

DIRTY DANCING under the stars

I recently got to go and see Dirty Dancing at the Hillcrest Quarry (my favorite venue by far) and once again I had an absolute blast.

I took my aunt to see the movie for her birthday as a surprise, we arrived early and already the venue was filling up quickly. We grabbed our Chair backs and blankies, secured our spot on the lawn and proceeded to go walk through the food hall and see what food was on offer for purchase?

I was surprised to see that there was a real variety of food from vegan wraps which were wheat free and dairy free, to Mexican, burgers, coffee , popcorn, and snacks. There definitely was something to cater to everyone’s palate.
So once our tummies were satisfied it was time to return to our seats and settle down for the show. It goes without saying the very few have not seen Dirty Dancing and the audience were definitely a bunch of fans. The atmosphere was set with wolf whistles for all the dance scenes, everyone echoing ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’ and of course ending off with the ever popular dance scene.

The night ended begrudgingly with people trudging back to their cars because they had to return home. The night was magical and no-one wanted it to end.

Here are few heads up for the newbies …


You can pack your own picnic and bring it with you on the evening , the doors open at 6.00pm but the movie only starts when the sun goes down. This gives you plenty of time to eat, chat and catch up


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