As someone who consumes copious amounts of water, who constantly rotates around the nearest ladies room (out of need people ... out of need ... no strangeness here!) , it stands to reason that the new BRITA WATER FILTER is my BFF (no lies). If you too are looking for a new BFF consider the BRITA FILL & SERVE CARAFE ... it never gives you attitude only good clean fun ... erm, I mean water!

BRITA days are ahead!

I got sent a new BRITA water filtration unit to test drive and it has been nothing but love at first sight. Unlike the old clunky jug type water filters which did not appeal to my sense of aesthetics, this new compact and rather quirky looking unit is amazeballs! (yes, I said amazeballs *snorts*).

You see the new version is what I like to call a 'desktop' friendly version, it is small, compact and can stand just about anywhere without taking up too much space. As per the norm, you can purchase replaceable filters , mine lasted approximately a month but then I drink 3 liters of water per day (see , I told you!).

What you need to know:

This little number contains micro disc active-select technology:
Effectively reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances while leaving minerals in.

How much do you get out of one disc?
One hundred and fifty liters of great tasting drinking water with each disc.

Why I love love love it?
Low weight and easy to handle. Extremely shock resistant durable and hygienic due to the dishwasher-safety-excluding lid. Designed to fit in the fridge door. System tested by TUV against food grade quality. Made of exceptional transparency high gloss and long life state-of-the-art material Tritan

Find your fill & serve carafe your local Brita distributors or online at 
Retails for R499 for the carafe and R299 for 3 replacement discs