It's so amazing how quickly one can revert back to old habits, you know the one that goes stress ... food ... stress ... food ... stress and even more food!

The sad thing is that we never crave a salad, nope it's the good stuff the sweetest carb laden foods or the fattiest savoury meats like bacon and lamb ... go figure? The point is if we are not careful when we are under stress we can quickly fall back into old BAD eating habits and pile on those long lost kilo's ( pounds or whatever).


Now it certainly is not easy saying no to a piece of cake or a yummy burger, especially when everyone is shoveling their faces full, and you simply say 'I'll have the chicken salad please' ... Yeah, as good as it sounds, it's flipping tough and maybe even tears at the soul a little. What we need to remember is to keep our eyes on the goal and not the burger!

I am now headed into a year since my initial weight loss of 32 kg's, I have put on about 5kg's but I never let it go above that! In fact, I am pretty vigilant about monitoring my weight, and have just recently embarked on my eating plan once again to try and shed the five I have gained and maybe even another five to boot!


Consistency is key and making healthy choices is obviously far easier in summer than in winter. Now that I have my own home again I have planted my own veggie patch and have already been reaping the rewards of fresh spinach , chines cabbage , rocket and radishes ... not to mention my herbs.
I personally find it easier to mix textures and incorporate color and fun elements like edible flowers ... but then I do like pretty food, don't I? I still eat out regularly and try to practice the 80/20 rule so that the 'naughty' days do not outweigh the 'good' days!


Whilst all of that sounds pretty amazing, I do have to admit that I once again had to take myself in hand recently. You see my food is a 'drug' I eat when I am: HUNGRY , ANGRY , EMOTIONAL , BORED , FRUSTRATED , LONELY AND FEELING FAT! Really ... yes, really!

So I have learned to ask myself 'are you eating to feed your body?' Or 'are you eating to feed an emotion?' But worse yet is the, 'are you eating to suppress a sugar craving or carb addiction?' The answer may shock you!

I am back on my eating plan, my house is devoid of 'hidden evils' and I am once again drinking my 4l of liquids a day. I feel healthier , happier and much less bloated than when bingeing and I know that I will get there ... even if it is slowly.

Fight hard for yourself every day , food and emotions are not your bosses! You do have the power to say no and walk away ... even if you have a weak moment every now and then!