It's amazing how every now and then life throws an unexpected curve ball in your way ... you know nothing big just a Gun Run or so!

Well, this past weekend I finally caved and agreed to do the 5km Gun Run with a friend of mine (nothing huge I know, but huge for me). You see she has been trying for a year to get me to participate in these fun run / big walk type of events and I honestly have been unable to ... that is until Sunday.

It all starts with a bang!

Now on any normal given Sunday I would be up at 6.30am but this Sunday I was being fetched at 4.55am ... yes, you read correctly. Some of our friends were doing the 21km's and yet others the 10km's and we all had different kick off times which made for an early morning start.

Panic set in as my alarm went off at 4.30am and the heavens decided to open full force unleashing buckets full of water ... this did not bode well for our Gun Run. Luckily I am the kind of person that wakes easily and is not groggy for hours, unlike my friend who pitched up semi-conscious to collect me, we drove in relative silence for the first half an hour.
I was ready with my Nike Free 3.0's and my sunblock smeared on and off we set. I set a fast pace and we managed to maintain our momentum with Estie taking a little strain (thank you ABC Boot Camp ... my training paid off). It turned out to be a beautiful day and my friend and I managed to power walk (aka me dragging her the last km) the 5km in just 50 minutes ... again not spectacular but great for us.

All in all, I learned that you can actually do whatever you set your mind to despite the odds and that with God at your back ... giving up is not an option.

What have you done to challenge yourself this year?

I am signed up for THE GRIND (Rapid Grind) and am looking forward to what I hope is the first of many obstacle courses.

Come on, get moving you can do it!