I was recently sent a press pack of Lifebuoy soap and as I have previously mentioned I am not a ‘bar soap’ person and yes, even though Lifebuoy does not allow for germ breeding it is still not something I personally choose to use. Great news though they do have the liquid soap version which comes in a handy pump bottle, which you can place strategically throughout your home.

I am from the health and beauty industry and have studied pathology it really does bring to life the power of germs. Everyday in our daily lives we touch surfaces, pets, children, food and more with out realising the transference of germs, a process which is continually happening. Did you know that if you dipped your nose in a petri dish with a growth medium and let it bloom, you would have at least 10 or more different strains of bacteria in that area alone?


Even more shocking is that they have now proven there are more germs on a women's handbag than in a toilet ….arghhhh! So how can you avoid the spread of germs safely and effectively? Well, it’s simple really … Lifebuoy soap.

Lifebuoy have a unique and patented technology, ingredients which have been proven to kill germs on contact and continue to dod so for a few hours after use. Does it not then make sense to make sure that you have a handy bottle or bar on-hand to sterilise your hands throughout the day?

By simply using this bacteria and germ eliminating soap you can reduce the transference of germs and even prevent illness and the spread of illness in your home. To get the full benefit it is important to teach kids from a young age to wash their hands and live a more hygienic lifestyle.


I recently got a friend of mine to test this soap in her household, she has 3 kids and I just knew she would love the opportunity to try these. Turns out that she is actually an avid user of lifebuoy soaps and so they were received with open arms.


1. Wash your hands thoroughly with disinfectant soap and running water - a simple splash under water is not effective in destroying germs.

2. Really lather the soap to make sure that you are getting all of the necessary germ protection that is required for optimal health.

3. Wash your hands for approximately 30 seconds to really get rid of the harmful germs that cause infection – think up a song to pass the time, the 'happy birthday' song is a great example.

4. Remember to wash your hands properly whenever they are dirty and especially before handling food, after using the bathroom/changing nappies and in the shower/bath.

5. Hand washing with soap is one of the most effective ways of preventing diarrhoeal disease. It can reduce the incidence of diarrhoea by up to 47%. (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – 2012 systemic review (Curtis & Cairncross))

6. Hands are the most common way of spreading germs – in ancient times people would bow to each other (rather than shaking hands as we do in the Western world today) not realising that they were actually helping to reduce the spread of germs as a result.

Being a skin care therapist I am continually nagging people not to put their fingers in their mouth, to wipe their noses and to wash their hands ... for me hygiene will always be number one! i hope it is in your household too!

Lifebuoy is available at all leading retail stores.

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