I don’t know when exactly the change happened in my life, but somewhere between traversing from early adulthood into my midlife I suddenly developed a preference for liquid soaps.

Whilst I have never been an avid fan of  the ‘bar soaps’ mainly due to my ‘germ’ phobia, I have always been rather tolerant of them. It’s a great thing that Dove are versatile and cater both to liquid and bar soap lovers.


Dove has always had a rather neutral fragrance palette catering to anyone and everyone making them versatile and not clashing with anyone’s personal fragrance choices. Then a year or two ago they made me the happiest person this side of Timbucktoo … they launched their delicious vanilla range (vanilla addict much!) and I thought that my Dove days were sealed in vanilla forever … that was until their latest launch of the Shea Butter range and the Coconut Milk and Jasmine petals (my new favourite).


Now let me just state that this new PURELY PAMPERING NOURISHING BODY WASH has made me revise my shopping list, and has resulted in me now alternating between the vanilla and the coconut milk with jasmine petals ( I am already on my 2nd bottle) body wash.

So let’s unpack the new Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals Nourishing Body Wash ( it's like a shower cream ... seriously!). Firstly it stands apart from all the other Dove offerings with its subtle tones of soft feminine pink and the trademark coconut and jasmine flower on the front. It still has the convenient flip top cap and the unique almond-shaped bottle.

The PURELY PAMPERING fragrance or perfume itself is fresh, milky and very much feminine, surprisingly it does not clash with any of my fragrances if anything it actually adds another dimension to them. The fragrance lingers for up to 2 hours but is not overpowering at all, and honestly, leaves you smelling awesome even if you are just hopping into bed.
The nourishing body wash is thick and looks like a cream, however, as soon as you apply it to your wet skin, it quickly lathers up a storm. It leaves your skin clean, sweet smelling and not stripped and tight at all (trust me this gets more important as you age). As we all know by now Dove contains at least ¼ moisturiser and softens the skin.

So what is my overall conclusion? Well, firstly, I am already a Dove 'shower' person, so it is a no-brainer that I love the new additions, and honestly this new offering is a great feminine addition to the existing range and one I would definitely recommend. Try it for yourself, it’s affordable and really you have nothing to lose.

Available in both shower cream and as a bar soap you too can pick your favourite!

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