So as you all know by now I recently had a considerable weight loss journey, and part of this journey resulted in rather severe hair loss.


Whilst I have tried to glean a full understanding of why I would loose so much hair, the jury is still out on this one. I have had answers such as the hair follicle remains large leaving the hair loose and as a result it falls out, to the reasoning that it is the hormones which are adjusting resulting in hair loss.

Either way it has not been a pleasant journey at all, and I now have a greater sympathy and understanding for those suffering from Alopecia or chemotherapy.

I went from the hair that I was used to for forty years, hair which was rather bushy, curly and all over the place, to feeling a bit like a mangy dog. I had a third of my hair left and in areas you could see through to my scalp …. not cool people … not cool!

I had been putting my hair up with little crocodile clips trying to cover as much as possible until I attended a hair product launch. At the event they very kindly blow dried our hair after we experienced the product and I was horrified at my reflection.
Yes, this is that reflection ... blegh!

Who am I kidding? I may have long hair but it looks appalling, in fact the only salvation would be to chop it off and try and make a stylish short change as opposed to hanging onto the scraggly bits which are currently all that remains.

So after much planning and very little contemplation, I walked into the closest Style Bar, showed them a picture on my phone of what I wanted and with the few locks I had ... and it was over in mere minutes … chop chop!
Excuse the uniform ...tee hee!

I cannot thank the team at Style Bar enough, they not only made me look better, but they restored my confidence and how I look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes change is required in order to grow … and thanks to RETAIL BOX’s Quick Grow Shampoo and Conditioner (which smell like yummy strawberries) my hair is now growing, getting fuller and thicker everyday.

Read my full review here.

I have recently received a great recipe for a hair tonic which I need to mix and test. Only once I have 'tried & tested' and I see the results I will happily share with you all.

Look after your locks and when in doubt drop by your nearest STYLE BAR,  they will gladly assist you with styling and hair products to help any ‘bad hair day’.

You can contact STYLE BAR over here

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