A scent can speak volumes about a woman, it can tell whether she is feeling serious, seductive or even slightly whimsical ... the only limit is her imagination.


Revlon has long been known for one of their most successful fragrances called UNFORGETTABLE, and whilst never forgotten it has been quite some time since the last addition to this line.
Fear not, however, as REVLON have just launched a new fun, fruity and rather flirty sister to the original Unforgettable family (Unforgettable Original, Unforgettable You and Unforgettable Encounter). Packaged in the most elegant gold and cream packaging which speaks of luxury and the classic elegance, it is a pretty addition to any woman's dresser.

The fragrance itself is rather sweet, and not to be mistaken for the more musky and seductive fragrance of the original, it contains the following unique elements which make up it's unique and multi-faceted aroma:

Fragrance family: Floral-Chypre

Top Notes: Peach, Nectarine & Litchi
Middle Notes: Violet, Rose, and Pineapple
Base Notes: Oak Moss, Vetiver and White Musk

With a punchline of 'Once experienced, never forgotten' this fragrance would need to make an impression and that it does!

It's all about that intensely intimate, romantic moment ... an unexpected heart racing attraction, that moment when the universe stands still but two hearts collide creating a moment which will never be forgotten. It's the scent of this moment which will forever be etched in our memory ...
I personally adore this fragrance I have been enjoying the way it makes me feel, it invokes the 20-year-old younger me. It never ceases to amaze me how a fragrance can change your mood, your outfit and even the way you look at the world … if only for a moment in time!

Whilst I am still an avid fan of the original Unforgettable fragrance this new addition offers a great alternative for a spring/summer fragrance. For me there is always room on my dresser for a few everyday fragrances, one’s which I can be lavish and enjoy without having sold an arm and a leg to afford the next bottle.

REVLON UNFORGETTABLE’S latest addition is a winner in my books, but don’t listen to me try it for yourself and see.

Available at selected leading retailers and pharmacies, for more information visit www.revlon.co.za

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