Well, I never thought I would indulge in a spring Fling but here I am, ready to gush about my latest love! Oh alright! It's a fragrance ... not a man ...sorry ladies!

Premiere Luxe Gold Blush Fragrance

It's no secret that I am yet undiscovered by the luxury brands for my fragrant rantings on all things perfume ... ha ha ha! It is also, however, no secret that I absolutely adore fragrances and that I am often indulged by the lovely ladies over at Avon and Justine.

They have just recently launched a new feminine fragrance called PREMIERE LUXE GOLD BLUSH and it is an ideal Spring/Summer fragrance, it has fun flirty florals mixed with lush and seductive base notes to ensure longevity through the day. Best of all ... this is an Eau de Parfum (stronger than a normal fragrance or Eau de Toilette).

The packaging is a pretty play on Vintage meets trendy meets classic with it's Rose Gold blush box, vintage bottle, and classic timeless fragrance. I am sold hook line and sinker on this lovely fragrance by Justine, and in all honesty, it surprised me ... it is not my 'normal' type of fragrance I would choose and yet, I love it!

This just proves once again how important it is to get out of your comfort zone and try something new ladies, so here are all the deets:

Top note: Juicy Pomegranate, Pink Pepper, and Sweet Peach
Middle note: Jasmine, Rose, and Orchid
Base note: Patchouli, Amber, and Musk

Class: Chypre Floral Woody Scent

Retails for: R479

For a fun, sensual and feminine scent this Spring this fragrance is an ideal choice.

This is currently on offer in their latest brochure at just R199 ...  that's a R280 saving! What are you waiting for ...run!

** Disclaimer 2