Summer is a time for pretty girly dresses, pink cocktails and sunset picnics. It is a season of whimsy and expressing the joy of freedom and the throwing off of the constraints of winter.


Never let it be said that AVON is not on trend when it comes to launching fun and flirty colours to compliment summer and enhance that natural glow that appears along with the added sunshine.

Personally, I find that in summer I tend to opt for a sheerer foundation, pretty pink lips and I love a good mascara to enhance the eyes. After all, it was not so long ago that summer had me turned into a human meltdown … you know the inevitable makeup mudslide … blegh!

Here are 3 of my favourite summer time fun picks that I thought I would share with you:


I absolutely love love love this new line of packaging by Avon, it is so pretty, it makes you want to display the entire collection (Yes, I already have the powder too).

I do have to share that this is possibly the biggest mascara brush I have ever seen and I was surprised by how effective it was at applying mascara and building the lashes … even on my non-existent lashes. The black is a very strong and definite black and the colour deposit is great.

This would be a great addition for a 'full-on lash boost' and build up.
Sadly my eyes did not like something in this product and so I was unable to use it any further , but then I have fussy eyes on an average day.

Retails for R134.90 for 10ml

Oooh lah lah gals … if you love a light pink lipgloss you are gonna lurve this one! It is a soft pretty pink which gives you just enough colour to make the lips look dressed, but it’s natural enough to not look all dolled up and unnatural.

It is a summer must have for any gals bag and in fact, I bought another to keep in my car for when I am flitting around from one place to the next. After all, a girl can never have too many lippies!

There is a wider range of colours available to suit you from purples to corals AVON has them all.

Retails for R119.90 FOR 6ml


If you are looking for a light summer foundation, one which will boost your skin’s radiance whilst offering a light/medium coverage … this is your baby!
It applies easily whether using a foundation brush or sponge … heck even my hands applied it well (sorry, overshare but it was time to wash my brushes and I had no other option … tee hee!)

This foundation covers all skin tones and comes in a handy airtight pump for ease of use, and offers an SPF15. I absolutely adore this foundation on days when I want to downscale my makeup or on ‘sporty’ days.

Retails for R199.90 for 30ml

Click on this link for more info on current special offers or to view their latest brochure - AVON ONLINE BROCHURE

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