Isn't it amazing how quick people are to label, categorise and put you in a box? Well I'm here to say that 'I WILL NOT BE BOXED!'

Life's Little Boxes Seem To Put People At Ease

After attending a recent event where my 'box personality' was in a minority, I looked around me in wonder and awe as people were quite happy to be labelled boxed and bunched together. Well if that's your thing then so be it ... but I am here to say I WILL NOT BE BOXED.

I am fiercely independent, creative, multi-faceted and as God say's totally unique ... yep, they broke the mould after me peeps!

It amazes me how many people are lost in the modern world, we have been through the washing machine of life having often come out crumpled and creased from the experience and yet we want to climb back in for another round ... really?

Instead of seeking our own identity, finding the 'real me' we tend to be content to be bunched together ... a 'safety in numbers' thing I am sure! One thing I have come to realise over the past seven years of me own 'Personal Identity Journey' is that no 'thing, person or group' can ever make you feel like you are whole or present! This has to come from within and it will take work, it will take tears, it will take honesty ... and most of all brutal honesty with yourself!' In order for you to overcome the trauma's of life and find the real you cowering in the corner of that body you have to let go of past hurts and move forward.

Today I encourage you , be bold , be brave but whatever you do BE YOU!

You are not a group, a label or an insignificant ... you are precious, unique and loved (and for those of you who are Christians, you know that you are a Princess of the most high God) ... walk tall and be proud of the person you are.

At this gathering they did encourage everyone not compare themselves to others, or to try and clone the identity of others and all I can say is YAAAAS! Find your own voice and shout it from the hill tops .... there is freedom in that voice.

So here's to sending that box to recycling and embracing the beauty which is you, you can happily have things in common with others, but do not be COMMON!

A fiercely independent, gypsy, creative, bookworm, foodie, crazy cat lady,  lifestyle type of person. (no boxes that come like that ... tee hee!)

WHAT IS YOUR 'ME' OF TODAY? Do share I would love to hear?

Image: Pexel