Gosh, today I have to just share a little frustration with regards to honouring people, respecting others and planning even at the last minute.

God's GPS & Recalculating Your Path

You see no matter who you are Christian, non-Christian , single , married , old, young ... no matter who you are ... you want to be treated in a manner which leaves you feeling loved, appreciated and respected.

I find that sometimes my nice-ness and willingness to serve the Lord is not only taken for granted but overlooked ... would it be better if I were a tantrum thrower? A complainer? Married? .... heck who knows? One thing I do know is that I will not change and I also will not constantly be pushed aside, so today I give up a long term desire, standing rather here in Faith trusting that God will fill its space with a dream larger than life ... one I could never have imagined myself and I leave it at his feet!

I have tried to follow God's prompting not once, not twice but three times and it is enough ... I now feel like I am striving ... and I am beyond striving ... I know who I am , I know I am loved and I know above all else that God has a plan for me!

It's Not About You!

So often these outcomes are others issues, lack of planning or disregard ... it's not about you!

I don't do the blame game or hold anyone accountable for how things have turned out and yes, the Church is made of people ... we all fall short ... so no, I do not have to be bitter
... but I do have a new dream diary to start ... so there!

Today I want to encourage you to follow your heart, do not let people determine your place and space both at home or with God, but rather trust solely in HIS purpose and plan for you. When the temptation is there to feel worthless, invalidated and unwanted ... rise above it and DO NOT LET SATAN ROB YOU OF YOUR JOY! (Romans 8v31)

I love my friends, family, and my church but God will always have first place in my home, heart, and happiness!