It's no secret that we all want to be young forever. What you may not realise however ladies is how quickly age creeps up on you and before you know it you're in your 40's. Suddenly grey becomes a very disconcerting colour, especially when it's on your head, except for those trending of course ... then it is optional. Grey hair OMG!

Grey Hair Is Not Optional

It shouldn't have come as a surprise, after all, I am turning 42 this year and mumsy has been a silver fox from around her 50's. But in our minds, we never really progress past a certain age (whatever you have chosen) even when our bodies refuse to co-operate.

So why then did I get such a huge shock when I looked in the mirror? Well, it's simple really, a number of grey hairs had trebled in just 6 weeks or one hair colour application ... eeeep!

Whilst I have always loved women who embrace their natural grey. However choosing to go the natural route, I now find myself thinking ... 'what will I do one day?'. Will I try and cover the grey for as long as possible (which is not super successful I might add) or will I embrace my natural colour change ... yep, the jury is still out on that one.

Age is but a number however when age and nature collide it leaves a ripple effect of OMG is that really me, am I really getting that old, how did this happen?

I would change where I am in life given the chance, I happy with my faith, my home and even my small little space on earth ... I would maybe wish to meet a significant other by now but hey God's got my back and I am all good!

So here's a few interesting facts:
It's usually women who are in their 30s that may see a few grey hairs, but by the time they get into their 50 most women would expect to have more than 50% of their scalp hairs turn grey ...shocking!!


Grey hair is a combination of normally pigmented hairs interspersed with white ones.  As we age, hormones kick in and the bodies processes slow down. Hair turns white when the pigmentation cells responsible for colour (melanin) stop being produced and ta-dah! Before you know it you are a silver fox! #FoxyLady


Nope, not really. Nutritional and hormonal factors can affect hair colour as well as stress but generally going grey earlier in life is genetic ... blame it on the genes!

Home care:
- For great hair maintenance grey or otherwise, consider a Biotin supplement from Health Renewal
- Tone down your greys and take care of the locks with NAK Hair Colour Masque's , if it's gonna happen why not join the trend right?

What are your thoughts on going grey and whether you would keep it natural or not? Tell me below I would love to hear from you.