So the infamous Matric Dance season is almost upon us, it brings back memories of nervous giggles, pretty and swishy frocks with handsome lads adorning our arms ... oh yes, it was us adorning their arms ... tee hee!

The Sad Truth About Matric Dances

Whilst I cherish those precious memories, it haunts me that there are many matric girls who will not be attending their dance ... why? It's simple really, they cannot afford a dress!
Cadbury's chocolates have started the most amazing initiative called #PSGIVEADRESS (P.S. Matric Farewell Dress Campaign) and I was the first to say 'hells yes!' I will participate!

Give A Dress & They Did!

As soon as I signed up to join this drive I started scouring my cupboards to find a suitable dress, heck I was even prepared to go and buy one if need be ... that is until I found one of my gorgeous frocks from my days of working onboard a cruise ship.

As soon as I had located my donation, I proceeded to plague women in my life who may have had items to donate and I am so proud to share that between myself and my friends we have managed to collect 10 dresses. A drop in the ocean but a world of difference for those ten ladies who will get dresses for their dance.


I urge you, no ... I beg you to go through your wardrobe it is not too late. You too can donate a dress or two or three, the details are as follows:

WHEN: Between 11 July and 14 August
WHERE: Dresses can be dropped off at the following points.
The Space clothing stores nationwide ( Gateway KZN, Canal Walk & Cavendish in Cape Town and Bay West Mall in Port Elizabeth)

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Twitter: @CadburyPSBar
Image: Pexel