I am an absolute creative at heart and nothing brings me more joy than making time to express my love of all things practical through new DIY Projects. Now for heavenly scents ...

How grateful was I then when this delightful book arrived on my doorstep from Penguin Books SA
Having just recently purchased my own home, I found my hands itching to go and just rearing to get started on new objects to adorn my home.

MAKE YOUR HOME - by Germarie Bruwer & Margaux Tait

So first up I want to share a little about this book, it is jam packed with the most amazing DIY projects for anyone from the novice to an expert. Better yet though it is accompanied by handy home decor tips such as 'The Rule of Three' how to stage certain rooms and spaces in your home to create that visual 'WOW FACTOR'.

There are ideas that you can adapt for seasonal occasions such as Christmas and even furniture projects to zhoosh up old and outdated pieces in your home.

I absolutely love this book, I browse it often to give me ideas, inspiration and I have even completed a simple DIY project which I'll share with you!


So here is a little step by step pictorial of my DIY project ...
As directed I got all my goodies together, except I used fragrance oil from the USA instead of the essential oils. I also didn't want the little flags as my plan was to put my bottle on a rather ornate silver vintage tray in my lounge ... you'll see!
Next up was to decant the baby oil into my chosen bottle (I collected these bottles from flea markets).
Now remember I used a fragrance oil, so my next step may look a little different as it turned the baby oil cloudy when I mixed it.
And then it was time to add my skewers and the pretty ribbon I bought!
As you can see this project was hardly rocket science ... anyone and I do mean anyone can do it. My house smells like heaven and my little project stands proudly on the spot pre-destined for it!

Do you want to see?
Oh alrighty then you twisted my arm ...
So what are you waiting for, I'm dying to see what you have created! This book is available from all major bookstores and retails for R220.00

For more info on the authors and availability visit Penguin Books SA

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