As I sit here I have a super shiny face after being a volunteer for a new skin peel just yesterday. I can just hear it ... some will say 'sucker!' others 'ooooh so lucky!' It depends on your personal perspective, and often whether you have had a peel or not ... just being honest!

Skin a-peel

Constant misconceptions led me to share some vital information on skin peels, and maybe even debunk a few myths related to skin peels.

Skin peel truths

Hold onto your seat ladies, understanding skin peels is actually rudimentary! So first up let's cover the myth of  'a skin peel, is a skin peel, is a skin peel!'

There are three grades of  chemical skin peels:
- Those done by a skin care therapist - these are milder and more superficial skin peels
- Those skin peels that you can buy and do yourself at home (not recommended for novices)
- Those done by a medical doctor - these are more severe and often require extended periods of downtime ... in other words extreme peels.

Secondly,  the myth that skin peels thin your skin!

So I asked some of my friends over at Skin Renewal how they would best describe the action of a peel on the skin, and this is what they came up with:
'A chemical peel removes the outer layer of dead skin cells. This process signals the dermis (or living skin) to start producing more collagen and elastin, which will, in turn, increase its density. All of which results in the outer skin layer looking more youthful, with fewer fine lines, wrinkles and skin discolouration. By restoring the balance of a thinner outer layer and a thicker middle layer, skin glows and looks younger!

It can, therefore, be said that chemical peels thin and thicken your skin, but in all the right places. In other words, it will thin the skin where it is supposed to be thin, and compact (outer layer of skin ) and thicken the skin (middle layer) where it is supposed to be thick and plump.'

So, in a nutshell, the answer would be yes and no! Confusing I know!

Ultimately what you need to understand is that anything in moderation is beneficial. If you choose to have skin peels done ensure that it is under the guidance of a qualified professional, and not some gung-ho wannabe that is using your skin as a testing ground.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good well into maturity, but wisdom and your natural instincts about your skin will soon tell you when you are pushing boundaries. I personally love peels and find they help to refine my pores, eliminate fine lines and give a beautiful glow for a few weeks ... did I mention my makeup applies so much better too?

Obviously, I am biased but I would always recommend a professional skin care clinic such as Skin Renewal.

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