I find it super interesting that in a recent survey done by Dove that only 10% of women were happy to reveal their age? Really?

You are beautiful at any age!

Hells no ladies, how can you honestly not want to share! How old am I? I will be 42 in just over a month and I am proud of it ... in fact, I feel like I have earned 'my stripes' ... wrinkles ... bulges ... and so much more!

Women are shying away from their ages

Women are truly trying to hide their ages and I just cannot understand this. I am very much in the beauty industry and in fact, I work for a group of medical aesthetic doctors. I am the first to advocate looking after your skin, body and ageing gracefully (with a little help), but I am not for trying to deny the very valuable years of wisdom you have behind your back.

Is it age that makes you beautiful ... NO! Beauty truly is about self-acceptance, that inner light, and radiance that shines from within, it is about treasuring what you have, looking after it and counting your blessings every day.

What kind of a legacy will we leave behind if we teach our kids that beauty lies in staying young? Is there not enough intimidation and bullying from the media? In essence, it means we are now saying that there is no worth in a mature woman, how can that be?

Your age represents your life journey and every age has a story of obstacles you have conquered, challenges you may have overcome and life experiences you have gained.

I encourage you today to embrace your age. Look at your mom, your granny and other mature women in your family ... do you not admire them? Why then do you deny yourself the same worth and value?

I am all for Dove's campaign to celebrate women and #BeautyAtEveryAge, because I am trusting that the young women in my life today will be the leaders and examples of the future of women tomorrow.

I got sent the most beautiful memory wire with little cards, these need to be replaced with my own personal memories, reminders of my journey and celebrations as a woman. Here take a look, it honestly brought tears to my eyes ... my life has been quite a journey you see!
Thank you, Dove, for supporting women no matter what their age, we need to be reminded of this and often!