When friends ask you to meet them for lunch and it turns out to be a yummy treat indeed. ISABELLA'S at Willowbridge turned out to be an absolute delight, or maybe ... I might need to try it again ... you know, just to make sure (tee hee)!

Food to make you freak

This fairly new restaurant had not gone unnoticed by me when dropping in at the centre, it has a chic bohemian feel to it and appeals to all my 'gypsy-esque' tendencies.

I was recently on leave and a friend rescued me from the perils of never ending boxes and countless frustrations of moving house, by inviting me to meet her for lunch ... can I hear a 'hells, yes!'.

The facilities

The ambience is informal but sophisticated, the staff were welcoming although a little on the slow side. The restaurant offers outside seating and has an inside seating area of both upstairs and downstairs, for patrons escaping the heat or cold.

The restaurant can happily accommodate disabled patrons and wheelchairs, but do note the only bathroom facilities are those located in the centre itself.

The food

The fine fare served was delicious all round and I indulged in the 'Milk Tart Latte' and the Lamb & Onion Marmalade Wrap (yummy mmmm) it could, however, had just a tad more filling. This was a truly happy meeting of my tummy and the mouth-watering meal ... I will be back and of course I will have to take mumsy along too.

The menu

The food and drink offerings at ISABELLA'S  are extensive and I challenge you to not find something delicious to nosh on. They have a menu that includes and caters to the banters needs as well.
Overall I had a truly lovely dining experience at Isabella's and I will def be back for another Lamb & Onion Marmalade wrap is was delish!

The prices are on the mid to high-end, so this is not a budget eatery but worth every cent ... spoil yourself you deserve it!

You can find them here: isabellas.co.za