Gosh, I never thought I would see the day that I would become a home-owner, to say it was a dream is an understatement.

Growing up is not optional

Whilst we all assume that we have a choice in growing up, the reality is that life soon can deal us blows one's which force us to rapidly become mature and deal with the 'not so nice' elements of adulthood. But, there is that issue of buying a home and all the crazy bills that come with it, the decision is usually very much dependent on your income and secondly the choice to take the plunge. Yes, it involves choosing to adult-up and commit to a 20-year relationship, one of giving (physically, emotionally and financially) with no other expectation than a roof over your head ...scary but true!

I took the plunge, I decided to do my final bit of adulting now that I can afford it (cough ... can we ever ... really), and not without a lot of help and guidance mind you. You see buying a home means signing papers for hours, waiting for months for everything to be approved and registered (3 months and I am still waiting), it entails moving, movers, cleaners, painting, repairing, installing security and even transitioning pets ... eeep!

My new home which I love and treasure is half the size of my previous rental and minus a garage ... this does not bother me in the least, in fact, I am ecstatic about it! The problem is ... stuff, stuff and more flipping stuff! I have spent the last 5 days turfing out, selling and donating unwanted goods that I simply have no room for. Whilst it has proven to be hard. it has in turn been rather liberating and freeing because seriously we don't need all that much in order to survive and flourish ... we simply become hoarders.

Whilst it is not easy paying all the transfer fees, deposits and now having to pay electricians to come and unblock conduits, it does make you grow up and appreciate the value of being a homeowner ... cherishing that which is now deemed yours to look after.

So I guess as I sit here on leave waiting for the final bond to register in the next week or so and continue to unpack boxes, I want to encourage you to take the plunge if you can ... buy your own little space as an investment ... a commitment ... a liberation and a reason to get up and thank God every day for His blessings. I know that I sure do!