Life can be hectic enough without starting every day as a 'bad hair' day, in fact, NAK has pretty much perfected the art of sensory aromatherapy.

Hair care by NAK Leaves your hair happy and your bathroom smelling like heaven ...

I recently got attend a very intimate and personal launch of a brand new hair care range being introduced by Retail Box. The event was held at the Tygervalley Style Bar, a stylish and contemporary hair salon for both gents and ladies.

Being greeted by a red carpet was lovely but even more impressive were the shelves displaying this very unique and attractive brand.The bottles being a unique square shape in a neutral beige colour, with bands of soft pastel shades differentiating the product ranges themselves. The boxes were floral and enticingly pretty ... a magnetic drawing card which just makes you want to look and touch the exquisite little packages ... heck, I could've grabbed and run right there and then!
What is NAK?
NAK is an Australian hair care brand which has a few unique selling points that tick many boxes when it comes to discerning hair care connoisseurs:
- Sulphate free
- Paraben free
- Cruelty free 

Benefits such as:
- fragranced with essential oils of Patchouli, Lavender, and Geranium
- enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil
- vegan friendly
What does NAK stand for?
Natural Australian Kulture

My favourite's which I chose to take home with me ...

The Curl Shampoo is developed to cleanse and hydrate the hair without stripping it, the shampoo is sulphate free which means it's gentle on the hair but as with most sulphate free shampoo's you may need to wash twice ... I know that I need to! I love that this is enriched with Almond Milk for added benefit.

One thing I can honestly say is that this is hands down the most divine smelling hair product I have ever used, simply lathering the product into your hair and rinsing leaves your bathroom smelling like your own personal spa ... it is out of this world!

Another plus to this range of hair products is the square bottles, they are so easy to hold in the shower, they take up minimal space and are super practical with their flip-top lids ... very well researched packaging indeed!

Retails for R320 for 275ml

The Curl Conditioner is also developed to cleanse, hydrate and tame frizz. As far as conditioners go this one truly does detangle curls, with the Moroccan Oil repairs and helps to seal the cuticle and restore beautiful lovely locks.

The products are also great and preparing the hair for heat treatments without coating the hair.

Retails for R320 for 275ml

For those looking for pastel colours in the hair, NAK has a fabulous range of Pastel colour Masques in soft pretty shades which retail for approx R440. With colours such as Vintage Rose, Rosewood, Silver Pearl and Violet Pearl ... so pretty!

For me this was one of the most amazing hair care experiences, the product as a whole is amazing, it's conveniently available on Retail Box.

** Disclosure ranking 2