It never seems to surprise me how life seems to happily be bumbling along and suddenly I get side swiped by an all consuming and rather overwhelming sense of loneliness!

You see it is only on days like these that I suddenly realise that I am still searching for my life's theme song!

Life is a theme song ...

What Is A Theme Song For Life

A theme song for life is, that moment you find yourself humming a tune for that seemingly perfect moment in time. A fleeting moment but often one which indicates that your life has irrevocably changed from that of a single person ... to now having found your life partner.

It's a spontaneous tune that bursts forth in your mind when ever you think of that special person.

Now don't get me wrong I am no fool I don't believe in fairytales, heaven knows I saw my marriage go up in smoke ... hell no! It went up in blazing flames!

But I do believe that there is someone for everyone ... a person with whom you choose to share the good and the bad ... a person who is honest and does not lie, a person who loves you for your weirdness as well as your cuteness ... a person who shares your dreams and visions ... a person who is prepared to be your ally, not the enemy in sheep's clothing ... a person who wants to see you grow and excel (and for me a person who loves God as much as I do)!

Life will never be without challenges in the workplace, the home and in life as we know it ... this is the real world ... but how great would it be to do it together? When the proverbial 'shite' hits the fan, to be able to go home and snuggle up or cry on your loved one's shoulder.

Even with this whole '2 are 1' thing it is still important to maintain your personal identity ... what is your drive, what makes you get up every day ... what inspires you to go on? This ... this is your life's theme song when flying solo!

For me it is, was and will always be this tune: 
This is my FIGHT SONG and Rachel Platten nails it on the head, this is pretty much what life has been like for me the last 42 years ... a battle, but every victory has been thanks to my Faith!

What does the future hold? 

I hope a new theme song, one where I get to battle not solo but with my life partner! One where I find myself spontaneously bursting into a happy theme song ... not a solo battle cry ... but for now I continue on and every day is a new day to be grateful .. thankful and look forward to what the future holds.