When I first of this scent it conjured up romantic pictures of sailing on a handcrafted yacht, schooner or whatever you wish to call it. Accompanied by a romantic sunset a gorgeous man and a hint of Jasmine and Vanilla wafting through the air ...


Whilst my mind drifted to an endless sunset cruise my hands were wrapped around a beautiful turquoise box, my nostrils wavering and flaring as they tried to get a whiff of the wonderful fragrance held captive within the box.

AVON's FAR AWAY fragrance range is the top selling range and now they have added a brand new sexy floriental!


This multi-faceted fragrance has no 'airs and graces' it's just a simple seductive little number designed to intrigue.

The bottle is simple and practical with a touch of whimsy which incorporates a quaint black tassel (the tassel is a signature element of this range), packaged in a lovely turquoise box.

I was pleasantly surprised by this fragrance as I am not normally a floral or oriental type of gal, but yet I found this to be light and the Vanilla undertones really do tone down the Jasmine considerably. In all honesty, I have worn this fragrance for three days running I have been enjoying it so much.

Top Note: Marigold
Middle Note: Indian Jasmine Sambac
Base Note: Vanilla

It looks and smells like sunshine in a bottle.
I absolutely love fragrances and I have many Avon fragrances on my dresser, ones that I constantly replace as they are affordable and long lasting.

Once again AVON South Africa have come in at super affordable price of R370 for a 50ml bottle.

** Disclosure ranking 2
* Top image Pexel