I don't know about you guys but for me, I can hear a tap dripping upstairs in my duplex ... seriously! Sounds are high intensity in my world, I have super-sensitive hearing and even more irritating than that is the fact that repetitive sounds such as sniffing, clicking a pen and even a cat licking can send me over the edge ... yes, as in nuts!
Firstly I attributed my sensitive hearing to years of beauty therapy and the hours spent in a soft calm and peaceful room, but no ... that was years ago and even then people's heavy breathing and footsteps outside my therapy room drove me crazy.

Actually in all honesty for my matric finals I would take a box of tissues in the hall with me and woe betide anyone who sniffed, they would be issued with a bunch of tissues ... usually accompanied by a rather pointed stare (which in my mind read as BLOW YOUR NOSE DAMMIT!)

Once I had reflected on this so called excuse or so-called reasoning, which was negated based on my history. It bought me to my second thought which was, am I crazy? Am I the only one that hears these things?

The answer is NO! There exists a very real condition known as 'MISOPHONIA' ... yes, it's a real thing!

Misophonia is defined as "hatred of sound", and is a rarely diagnosed neuropsychiatric disorder in which negative emotions (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds.

So now that I know that sensitive hearing and trigger sounds are a real thing, I feel loads better about the fact that they often drive me to distraction, does it help my affliction any? No!

I still spend mornings at home frantically chasing cats out of my bedroom as they lick and lick and lick ... sending me into a state of pure irritation and frustration ... a place where being able to concentrate simply does not exist!

If you are a sympathiser and/or sufferer all I can say is headphones and music ... they help to cover those niggly noises and least you get some enjoyment and peace of mind too.