Gosh I don't know if any of you remember a post I did some time ago when I attended a brand known as LOVE MILO.

The are an owner run quaint little artisanal home and decor brand which offer inspired collections which continuously grow and evolve. Here is a peak into my original post in which there were plenty of item with I fell in love (especially the little ants) LOVE MILO GOES GREEN.

I was also lucky enough to get an interview with NICKI ELLIS the inspiration behind the brand LOVE MILO INTERVIEW with her inspiring story ... and of course I fell even more in love with LOVE MILO.

today I want share and showcase some of my personal favourites from their most recent range, they are to die for ... and I can hear my credit card groaning already.
COSMOS is said to be a fresh, contemporary play on points without order, you know ... similar to the stars above,where the spacing is accidental yet each composition creates its own unique pattern.

After all we all know that God's canvass is exceptional and a trendsetter of note!
It is the 'Perfect harmony through disproportion' - Nicky Ellis.

This range plays with spirited composition, and is aimed at adding something completely exclusive and eye catching to any table or home lucky enough to acquire a piece or two.

It’s the beautiful haphazard scatter of dots create an ethereal look that fits so well with the rest of  the LOVE MILO designs, meaning that you can easily mix, match and add a little pizzazz to an already existing LOVE MILO collection.
 And as for this little clutch bag below it is just gorgeous ... heck, they're all gorgeous let's face it ... it's hard to choose right?
For more information on where to buy, new collections and the extensive range visit the www.lovemilo.com

**This is not a sponsored post