I am no fashion forward lah-di-dah fashionista, but for me, it is important to dress to suit your body and your age. It is also important to include a few stylish seasonal items, making it easy to switch up your look to suit the current fashions. You will never find me doing those poses or selfies ... I'm just not like that (cudo's to you fashion bloggers who are, it takes guts and confidence).

I do however regularly shop on e-commerce/online shopping sites in South Africa, choosing to rather view what I like and try them on in the comfort of my own home... no shopping malls, no queues ... just convenience! I know that this is not for everyone and I respect that, no judgement here ...tee hee.

One of my favourite fashiom sites happens to be Zando and my how they have changed since their initial launch. Zando now display their fashion in both seasons and collections ... offering us novices a little peek into 'home-grown' couture and giving us ensembles we might never have thought of ... Who knew right?

Here is a little insight into their Winter '16 range, I'd love to hear what you think?

Zando Fashion Editor, Zeane Singer breaks down Winter ’16 into 3 prominent categories:

Luxe Movement 
Juxtaposed classic elements combine with luxury for this Athletic-Leisure-wear look. Accentuate your favourite knits with an over-sized bomber or biker jacket and slouched denim for the ultimate relaxed feel.
Ethereal romance inspired by the seventies. This winter’s bohemian flair oozes femininity in its deep tones, rich textures, amid intricate detailing’s of tassels, ruffles, and floral flirty prints

Shadow Chic 
Lustful offerings layered with decadent applique, fine knits, boastful booties, and quilted jackets that are sure to keep your cosy classy. Keep your stockings high and your skirts faux.
Personally, I could rock any of these three looks I love them all and given the budget they would be mine! Currently, I am looking for new riding boots in both tan and black as mine have passed their expiry dates ... time to do some shopping me thinks!

What are your current winter favourites and have you recently shopped on Zando, I would love to hear from you?

For more on these collections or to feed your inner shopaholic visit www.zando.co.za

** This is not a sponsored post