No matter how wet and grey outside, no matter how deliciously comforting that yummy treat feels on your lips or in your tummy ... do not be fooled and let comfort food steal your joy!

The Temporary joy of comfort food!

It is easy to fall into the trap of ... it's only one bowl of pudding, it's only one hot chocolate ... add these 'naughty treats' up every day and you will soon be consuming more calories than you should!

For those of us addicted to food nothing makes hiding the extra kilo's as easy as winter clothing, bulky jackets, jerseys and our 'big girl brooks'. These are tools of mass destruction, and they make it easy to pretend those bulges do not exist ... that is only until summer rears her head and all the layers need to be stripped away. Now don't get me wrong, this here addict is no exception me! All you need to do is look at the calories I consumed for fathers day and you would cringe ... heck, I cringed ....eeep!

I do however have a few handy hints on how to overcome a binge and restore your bodies equilibrium and shake off those added calories once again.
Firstly you need to forfeit and change up a few things for at least two weeks:

Meal times: 
Revert back to your maintenance meal plan, no carbs, no sugar and just your allocated protein and veg 3 x per day for at least two weeks. Usually, it should be about 120gr protein and 150gr vegetables.

Up your water intake to at least 2l of water per day (this does not include tea, coffee or diet soda)

- Consider a fat burner as a booster (but not a crutch), I personally love the LIPO POWDER from Health Renewal. It has a sour berry flavour, mix a scoop of this powder in your water, it adds a little flavour and some fat burning magic!
- Consider a CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) supplement which you would take at lunch time and supper time, this prevents some of the calories from being absorbed and assists with weight loss. Once again I always rely on professional advice and I consult my doctor, Dr Dalize Willemse at Health Renewal with regards to all my supplements.

A few sacrifices over a period of two weeks can help remove those additional kilo's and bring you back to where you were. The best way to manage your weight, however, is to rather plan your indulgences and try to control your binges.

A food addict will always be tempted to return to old and bad habits, the struggle is a daily battle made twice as difficult during the cold and chilly winter months, but we can do it!