Never in a million years did I think my life would change so drastically from a literal couch potato to an active and willing participant in fitness and boot camps ... yes, folks, I am finally getting a boot camp booty!
So firstly let me expel a myth ... it is not easy! It will take dedication, but it does become fun!

With my weight loss journey, I decided to up the ante on my health journey and join a 'fit camp' or 'boot camp' type exercise group. It started off being very much a 'willpower enforced training regime' and as my fitness levels improved and my stress levels got more manageable I realised that I am actually enjoying myself.

Now I won't kid you and say that every day is easy ... because well life happens and some days are more tiring and stressful than others. I will, however, say that a few things truly got me through these difficult times and maybe they can help you:

1. Invest in your fitness
Firstly if you do not have the correct training gear, shoes and clothing you will struggle to do the routines. Runners do not wear specialised trainers for nothing ... they invest in good trainers to achieve better times and to ensure less physical wear and tear on their body. Do yourself a favour buy the right gear, protect your body and use this as a way to arm wrestle yourself to class ... you can't waste all that money you know!

I personally love my:
Mr Price - Taurus Woven Maxed Trainers , approx R459
Sportsmans Warehouse Dumbells, 1.5kg's R54 each
Pick N Pay Clothing Cotton Leggings, 2 for R120.00

2. Build friendships
I have been to two separate fitness/boot camps, and I have to say at both camps the ladies have been super friendly, accepting of my flaws, encouraging me to do better and it's always a motivation to attend class just for the camaraderie!

3. Don't let exercise be an option
I never think about boot camp, I never weigh up my options ... it is simply a must at least twice a week ... actually it non-negotiable. If we allow our minds to kick in, we will always find an excuse not to go ... 'I'm too tired', 'It's too cold', 'It's too dark', 'It's raining' and so on .... RUBBISH! Get your butt into gear and go to boot camp! Your family depend on you to live a long and happy life ... no excuses!

Whilst I do not look like an athlete just yet, my body is far more toned and defined and my muscle groups are starting to get definite definition. The exercise has helped my loose skin to tone up and honestly I couldn't take my day to day stress anymore without the help of exercise.

Do yourself a favour and hit AUTO-PILOT when it comes to exercise and find a trainer who challenges you every day!

You can do it!

** This is not a sponsored post