Oh-la-la nothing shouts seductive more than REVLON'S recent fragrance launch and today it definitely featured in my beauty picks to warm up my cold winters day!

Seductive murmurs from my dressing table

I am not the kind of person who can decide on a fragrance the day or night before an event, in fact, I pretty much wing it according to how I am feeling on the day in question.

A few days ago it got pretty chilly in Cape Town, simply stepping out of the shower sent me into the state of transmutation into a 'shivering idiot' ... you know teeth clattering and all that. Whilst many may argue that we do not even know what cold is here in Cape Town (to which I agree, despite personally preferring a polar climate myself) and rightly so when compared to snow driven countries. I will argue however that as a country we are generally not equipped for extreme temperatures ... in other words, when it's hot or when it's cold there is no such thing as aircon or central heating in our average homes.
Sorry, I deviated a little there, but on the chilly day in question I felt like a warm-blooded sultry and seductive scent, a fragrance that would not only warm the cockles of my very cold heart and extremities (cold heart at the time people, at the time ... ain't no biatch here!) but a fragrance that would also make me feel far more womanly, especially when donned in my multi-layered garb.

As I peered ever so slightly to my right, I could feel the red and penetrating gaze of my REVLON 'Love is On' ... it was just calling out to warm up my day ... and well, of course, all resistance crumbled and before I knew it I was spritzing up a storm.

If you'd like to read the full review of the REVLON SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE (click here) but I would highly recommend the fragrance for these cold wintery days, for a romantic evening or for when you are looking to feel like a woman ... as uncomplicated as that!
On the same day in question I happened to run out of my normal face powder, I had a REVLON COLOURSTAY PRESSED POWDER - in Translucent, it was just sitting in my make-up drawer ... an answer to prayer on this particular day.
I am a fair-haired gal and so of course the lightest colour is always best and well translucent is even better! This powder is super fine, does not clog your pores and can be used either with the applicator provided or alternatively with a Revlon powder brush, as in my picture (this does not come with the product however, it comes from my personal brush set ... they are however available for purchase in store).

I adore the multi-layered packaging, with the applicator below in a separate compartment, complete with a mirror. The powder conveniently snuggled in it's won space above with a handy see-through lid so that you can see the shade at a glance or alternatively when you need to replenish your product.

As far as fixing or setting powders go, I really am enjoying this product and would highly recommend it. There are of course multiple shade options to suit every skin tone so there is no need to simply stick to the translucent option.I unfortunately do not remember the retail selling price but it is worth every penny.

So there you have my red hot picks from REVLON or shall we say my current obsessions, what are your current favourites?

** Disclosure ranking 2