Every now and then I receive a press package that could just leave me squealing like a little piggy ... Yes, a weird picture I know! The truth is that with my recent hair loss anything that could help is a godsend!

Hair loss help

Retail Box has a regular hair pamper box known as a 'Secret Box', this box contains hair products which are not known at the time of ordering and purchase. But ooooh the surprise and suspense when you open the box and see your secret treasure.
I recently got sent the #RBSecretbox number #25, what hit me first was the amazing scent exuding from my package it smelled just gorgeous!

So as I broke through the outer sleeve, I got this rush of sweetness. I was welcomed with a box filled with a pretty pink paper hiding the contents which remained a mystery as yet ...
For anyone who has had the pleasure of opening a Retail box 'Secret Box', you will know how the adrenalin starts pumping as you get ready to see what the contents of your mystery package are ... and trust me I have never been disappointed.

So I guess you want to see what all the fuss is about, and I suppose you want to know all about the stunning scent just wafting out of this pretty pink package ... oh alrighty then!

Let's take a closer look ...
The #RBSecretbox #25 contains two full sized products of QUICK GROW, a hair growth boosting shampoo and conditioner  which is developed to nourish the hair shaft as well as sculpt and encourage longer and fuller hair.

QUICK GROW SHAMPOO - 250ml (valued at R225) 
This is said to have an apple scent but I beg to differ here, at first I thought it was psychological that it smelled like candy apple or strawberries (all the pink maybe?), but then my mind was set at ease when my colleagues who only saw the box minus the products ... said that the box smells like strawberries.

It is a rich and creamy pearlescent shampoo, one which struggles to make its way through the pump. The product itself is enriched with amino's and contains the precise balance of vitamins and minerals to make you hair grow at its optimal rate.

The product lathers well does not coat the hair, and actually leaves the hair shaft feeling quite plump ... adding volume to my rather limp hair. I am really enjoying the smell, feel and look of the shampoo and I can't wait to see my end result (I will keep you updated of course).

QUICK GROW CONDITIONER - 250ml (valued at R225)
The conditioner shares the same fragrance as the shampoo, it is absolutely divine and not overpowering. The conditioner has a thick rich texture but does not weigh down the hair at all! In fact, I found it nourishes without coating the hair and once again leaves the hair strands feeling full and volumised with zero dryness. This one pumps out of the bottle with surprising ease.

The conditioner also contains the unique amino blend and is formulated to give the ideal moisture and mineral balance required for optimum hair growth ... so far, I'm loving it!

Overall this box is a bargain at R230.00, especially when considering that the full sized products are worth R450.00. If you are like me, and needing to turbo boost those hair follicles to amp up the hair growth ... this product is perfect!

I'm not sure if there are any left but for more info on Retail Box and/or the next #RBSecretbox visit here www.retailbox.co.za

** Disclosure ranking 2