I am a winter baby through and through , nothing puts a spring in my step quite like a cool day, jeans, boots and a snuggly jacket .... this doesn't mean that I want heavy fragrances and caked on makeup ... Nah ah!

I would far rather switch it up with fresh scent and a bright makeup so that I look smell and feel the same both inside and out!

Here is my 'Faux Summer' picks to lighten up my mood and my look on this rather rainy day in Cape Town!
I call it my big, bold and citrusy picks ... and I'm loving them!

Funnily enough I never used to have the confidence to wear really bright and bold lips ... clearly this is no longer an issue and I have to say I am loving these pretty heart embossed lipsticks by AVON!
So let's break it down a little shall we?
Okay so this is not a new fragrance, in fact, it forms part of the original launch of AVON'S SCENT ESSENCE RANGE.

The fragrances are made to either be worn alone or alternatively layered to create new and interesting custom blends. I love the fresh and lemony scent of this SPARKLY CITRUS SCENT ESSENCE, I wear it whenever I feel I need a little 'summer in my mood'.

Whilst this particular edition may no longer be available there is a whole new range including BLUSHING RASPBERRY, ROMANTIC BOQUET, AND VIBRANT FRUITY you can view them here BROCHURE
Retails for R250
Next up is what I consider being AVON'S best mascara yet, it is the BIG & MULTIPLIED VOLUME MASCARA.

This mascara is said to reveal up to 64% more lashes and honestly IT DELIVERS! It has a brush which both separates and adds volume and the product deposit is enough that you only need to sweep a few times over each set of lashes ... love it!
Retails for R139.90
Last but never least is this cute little beauty with the hearts embossed on it, it is a rich and vibrant red ... ideal for a quick perk me up in winter.

As part of the AVON COLORTREND 'LOVE LIPS' LIPSTICK it is a soft and pliable lipstick which is creamy but not greasy. The staying power is average and will require reapplication through out the day. What I do love is that my lips never feel stripped or dry, and it has the mosts amazing vanilla scent (which of course I am addicted to).

The colour above is VALENTINO a bright hip and happening red.
Retails for R55.90 ... an absolute steal!

So there you have it , add a little 'FAUX SUMMER' into your winters day and wardrobe, simply splash on a fresh watery scent and add a smear of red on the lips!

Keep warm on these chilly days, love and hugs !

** Disclosure ranking 2