Nothing makes a gal feel more pretty than looking like a million dollars, for many years this to me was accessories.

You see when you are overweight you can't fit into much of the main stream fashion items and so you learn(hopefully) to find your own sense of style and accentuate this with current trendy accessories.

For me shoes, handbags and jewellery have always been a passion (well admittedly so have make-up, fragrances and underwear ... okay I'm a shopaholic!) and even though now I can fit into many fashion items I still covet all that is pretty accessory wise.

I recently received an email in my inbox from COLOURBOX which excited me. A range of new handbags which have just launched in SA ... firstly to clarify this is not a sponsored post but rather a LUST-HAVE POST in every way!

Here is a little history I got from my email :
When on the topic of luxury handbags from around the world, one cannot exclude Italy. Home to some of the most famous luxury handbag brands, Italian designed bags are just perfecto and you are guaranteed just that with Ju'sto.

Designed by Emanuele Magenta - Vogue Italia Accessories designer of the year 2015, Ju'sto embodies fun and functionality without skipping on luxury and trends.

Sounds interesting right? Well, wait till you see my top 3 picks and lust haves .... they are 'lurvely!' and based on the prices will remain a lust have ... but one worth sharing none-the less! Just because I'm on a budget doesn't mean you all share the same spending ban *tee hee*.
 I absolutely adore these two variations from JU'STO and the way the fabric and leather are combined, they are both perfect for my favourite colour palettes. The style is called the J-Poppy and they retail for R1999.00 (gulp) but consider them investment pieces.
This little number is known as the J-High in Olive Green & Natural leather and Retails for R2399.00
Whilst my head keeps screaming 'keep dreaming kid', my heart screams 'I want, I want, I want!' ... alas it shall have to wait for now as my first priority is my new home and my move which is now just a mere month away!

Go on, shop for me and spoil yourselves I know you want to!

Visit their webpage here: Colourbox

** Not a sponsored post, all images from Colourbox's website