My cats are pretty much my everything, they are like my children and nothing makes me more anxious or upset than when they are stressed.

That being said, I have an impending move ahead of me. I am filled with dread when I think of whether they will cope and adjust to a new home and environment, especially as it is not even a kilometer down the road from my old place.

I have one cat in particular who is a very nervous and stressed cat, Duke only allows me to hold him and runs at the sight of another person. He has issues with bladder control and his hips ... he is definitely my 'special needs' child. Hill's have now come up with a unique and very clever 'Stress Test' so that you can see if your kitty (or doggy) may be more stressed than you thought.
Hill’s have developed a handy online Stress-O-Meter test for cats and dogs - - so you can check your pet’s stress levels.
Because animals show signs so differently to humans it’s not always easy to tell how they are really feeling, I would highly recommend you take the test so that you know what your babies are going through and can treat them accordingly!

Should the score be higher than ideal there is excellent advice available and special foods: Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Stress for cats was launched last year and Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Stress for dogs (up to 14kgs) is now available in South Africa.

Don't let your animals suffer, treat them like the family they are!

For more info:
Facebook: HillsPetZA

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