Well by now you know that I am no cosmetics snob, I love luxury and budget beauty both equally ... after all why choose when you can have them both!

Some time back I received the most awesome #AonPinkBox just jam-packed with new and exciting products , well today I bring you another three which I have been using more often than not.
There are few things in life that bring me joy as much as beauty products, shoes, jewellery , handbags, and fragrances .... oh wait, that quite a lot then! (tee hee)

Clearly my love language is one of giving and receiving gifts, so with me, you really can't go wrong ... hint hint ... nudge nudge ... wink wink!

So today I want to share the joy I had in trying out these 3 lovely products ...
This is the prettiest pink lipstick I have tried in a long time , it gives medium coverage, has a soft creamy texture and is super lightweight on the lips. The staying power is not necessarily the best but the lovely texture and colour override the inconvenience.

The lipstick itself has a lovely imprinted heart design on the lipstick itself, with the bright pink tube having an echo of this in a light pink print. It's a joy on the lips, in the handbag and when on show!

Retails for: R59.90

What I love about this shadow more than anything is the fact that you can take it from a soft sheer look to a buildable and dramatic look. I got to try the Iris Icing which is a lilac colour, not something I would have chosen myself. I was however pleasantly surprised at how well this colour blends with both browns and greys and I often find myself grabbing for it.

This is definitely a new and surprising favourite of mine.

Other colours: Blackest Black, Satin Taupe, Soft Vanilla and Pink Petal.

Retails for: R89.90 each
This fragrance is a soft subtle and slightly powdery musk, it has a lingering quality which lasts all day without being overpowering.

It is, however, a fragrance for the more conservative and less adventurous, offering a gentle and unintrusive option as a soft feminine work fragrance.

Top Notes: Rose
Middle Notes: Jasmine
Base Notes: Ylang Ylang and Musk

Retails for: R200 for 50ml

I have absolutely enjoyed using this product and there have been a few definite surprises , I love a good budget buy and it definitely gives one more scope to splurge on a few extra items than with high-end products. Don't dismiss AVON until you've tried it and have seen it for yourself.