Gosh, I have long had a secret love affair for all that which is Babylonstoren, from the gorgeous veggie gardens to the romantic venue, the seasonal menu's and now I have #MotherEnvy!

Yes, you heard me right .. I have Mother envy! Babylonstoren are offering the most awesome Mother's Day Hampers for sale this year and there are only 200 of theses special treasures available ... and I wish one was mine! But, alas I am neither a mother nor up for spoiling myself so I guess I'll just share the #FOMO in the vein hope that you might get lucky!

and no, this is not a paid post or sponsored post ... just a genuine #envypost!

You see I have yet to visit this lovely farm myself, but I have seen my friend and photographer Monica Dart's photoshoots from the venue, I have seen blogger Cara Fay's gorgeous blog photoshoot and yet another fellow friend and blogger Katherine's visit in 2015 (Becoming You) ... it is on my wish list in case you hadn't noticed.

Anyhoo enough ranting here are the deets on the hamper:

- Babylonstoren cookbook, Babel, by Maranda Engelbrecht, to inspire mom’s inner culinarian
- Von Geusau handcrafted Belgian milk chocolate with a hint of lavender, to indulge
Honeybush & rooibos tea, exquisitely packaged
- Ginger and dark chocolate biscotti for dunking in coffee or sweet wine
- Babylonstoren rose-scented soap, inspired by our garden but made for us in France
- Babylonstoren rose-scented candle
- Rooibos and baobab natural body butter
- Natural olive soap with herbs in a linen bag
- Babylonstoren extra virgin olive oil produced in our olive press
- Pear slices in a sweet Babylonstoren Shiraz syrup
- Pure local fynbos honey, made by our hardworking bees
- Babylonstoren Mourvèdre Rosé, fresh with raspberry, rose petal and strawberry yoghurt flavours
- Babylonstoren Shiraz, with a velvety mouth-feel, prune and cherry flavours and a hint of spice
- Delft paddle fan to stay cool and on trend
- Picnic Basket handwoven by the Institute for the blind

VALUED AT R1995 (gulp-worthy but a treat for sure)

Available for a limited time until 30 April on pre-order. All baskets will be delivered from 2 May. Hurry, only 200 hampers available.

I want to make a point of visiting this lovely place when on leave in July and it will be the heart of winter, but as a winter baby ... meh! I'll take it!

 I love what their website says about visiting the gardens in winter ...

There ain’t no bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

I sure hope all you mums get spoilt rotten, but most of all I hope that you hug those precious bambino's and realise just how much of a gift and treasure they are.