So I guess I finally understand what the 'fat-phobe' is!

After being on a serious weight loss journey the last 6 months and having shed half a person or 32kg ... nothing makes me more fearful than the idea of finding 'that fat person' again!
Let's face it, even though you have a new body and a new way of eating ... you still have the old temptations and habits that so desperately want to take over once again!

The key is to see these temptations for what they are and just say NO!

But again that is easier said than done when you are have a shitty day or just plain feel emotional. I wish I could say that it will get better, but seriously it doesn't. I honestly believe that the struggle is real and ongoing everyday ... not unlike an addict!

Here are my 3 steps to try and keep myself into check!
1. Why are you wanting to eat this ... no, really why?
2. Are you hungry or is this just an emotional temptation?
3. My mantra ' food does not control me!'

So whilst I may look very different on the outside, my struggles are still very much the same and very much real on the inside! The most important think I think i have learnt is that when I stumble it is okay to forgive myself and start afresh the next day!

Keep your eye on the scale and off the wrong foods and remember to eat for how you want to look!