For those that know and follow my blog often, you will also know how much I love my smellies! Perfumes to me are the ultimate pamper and I don't think there exists such a thing as too many ... as in ever! (just putting that out there)

I recently got spoilt once again by Avon South Africa with my very own #AvonPinkBox, amongst the many treats inside were three fresh, light and summery fragrances known as Scent Essences.

I have previously tried the Sparkling Citrus Scent Essence (very reminiscent of CK1) and I still love it and wear it when I feel like a subtle fresh fragrance.

Here is what I thought of the latest editions:
So firstly let me mention that there were three totally unique and fresh fragrances in my #AvonPinkBox.

All the fragrances are Eau de Toilette's and come in beautiful clear glass flacons that are simple, elegant and understated, but which look amazing on your dressing table ... prettiness indeed!

The fragrances are 30ml and come with a little lock around the neck to prevent any leaks or accidental spritzes in transit.

Bergamot is part of the orange and neroli family and it therefore makes sense that this scent has a light citrusy aspect to it.

The fragrance itself is a soft golden colour and has a light feminine citrus smell to it, for me it is the ideal fragrance for a work day on the run ... not too feminine, not overly masculine but enough to make a statement.

Notes: Bergamot, tea essence and precious woods

With Raspberry as the main note in this fragrance it is justifiably on the sweeter side, although once it has softened on the skin, and with the bodies natural heat -  it becomes softer ... fruity and less sweet.

The fragrance itself is dusky pink in colour in the signature glass flacon. It is definitely more of a girly scent for those whimsical days ... you know the ones ... cocktails with the girls and all that.

I absolutley adore this fragrance and wear it when I am having a down day, it just adds a little happiness to my day.

Notes: raspberry, mango and blonde woods

To me this is the most sophisticated of the three scent essences, it is for the no-nonsence woman who knows what she wants ... but doesn't need to be overpowered by a fragrance.

I love the fresh Zen appeal to the fragrance, from the soft watery feminine scent, to the transparent fragrance and flacon ... it allows the wearer to make a statement all on her own ... it's just lovely!

Notes: Freesia, lotus flower and musk

Whilst I do have to be honest and say that I often have #FOMO looking at friends who recieve the 'luxe brand' fragrances, I also have to be honest and say that I love a budget friendly fragrance, one which gives me great value for money, good wearability and a wide selection.

Avon have fragrances which in my opinion which could rival some of the more costly brands, after all it's the perfume which everyone get's to smell, the bottles stay behind at home on your dresser.

For me Avon's Scent Essences are the bomb! I absolutely love them and now proudly have four in my collection (grrrrrrrrr to anyone who thinks of coming close), clearly I have bought my own previously and will definitely do so again!

Retails for R250.00 (30ml)

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