By now you all know that I am such a foodie at heart, from the fanciest finery to the most humble of pies ... I love them all.

As long as a restaurant offers quality service, good value, and great food .. I'm there with bells on! I am by no means Rockerfella. Firstly let me just say that my meals are not normally subsidised for a review, they are just places I come across and think 'hey, I'm up for trying that!'

So today's review is a quaint little lunch time eatery located on the outskirts of the city bowl in Cape Town. It's called THE LUNCH DEPOT and it has just my kinda eclectic furniture and decor ... you'll see!
On the day that I visited The Lunch Depot I was in such a hurry that I completely forgot to take a photo of our sandwiches ... my bad ... sorry!

The venue is fairly wheel chair friendly, it has a contemporary chic feel to it with old school touches such as wooden stools, leather banquettes and a wall mirror. The seating is ample and offers anything from window side bar stools, counter space to the more plush seating area in the back.

The service is good, but very basic, so this is definitely not your 'la-dee-dah' type lunch meeting. The food was warm, fresh and tasty but not overly well presented other than the wooden board on which it was served ... a little 'meh'.

The menu also is a fairly 'traditional lunch spot' type menu with sanwhiches, wraps, muffins and a few other tasty options.
I chose the Bacon, Onion and Brie toastie, whilst my friend chose the Chicken Mayo both on brown bread. I also indulged in a cappucino which was pleasantly yummy, not bitter(in other words the beans weren't burnt ...yes!) and the temperature was just perfect (aka not luke warm)!

Overall it was a great quick in and out lunch time spot, and I will definitely be back soon (and hopefully remember a photo this time).

Here are the deets:
The Lunch Depot
Address: Atlantic Centre, 14 Christiaan Barnard Street, Cape Town
Tel: 021 418 0248

** This is not a sponsored post or review