Oh, my goodness is all I can say today! I have been so challenged over the last few weeks, I have had the most amazing support and encouragement from all sides and I am honestly humbled in every way.

I have been on a proverbial roller coaster with first looking for properties and then bond applications. This experience has been riddled with the highest of high's and a few low low's but in the end, God is just magic and makes miracles happen ...as only he can.

All these crazy feelings have led me to reflect on  an old thought ' if we are the composite result of our life experiences' ... then my life must look like a Kaleidoscope.  My life is littered with colourful people who all invest time, love and advice into my life and when you throw it all together ... it's truly a beautiful thing!
Here are some of my recent life lessons:

1. Trust God in ALL that you do! 
(if you are not Christian, please understand I am and will not apologise for this)

I have seen God come through for me when it seemed as though there were no other options available. Where there is no way He can make a way! God will also put the right people in place, people who will sew into your life, teach you, grow you and keep you humble!

2. It doesn't matter how long you have known someone
Sometimes people you have known for what seems to be a moment will do more for you without thinking, than those you may have known for a lifetime. It is important to listen to opportunities, welcome blessings and be grateful for every little thing that comes your way.

Who knows maybe one day you can pay it forward and bless someone else.

3. Learn from those who have gone before you
In life, you are not a pioneer of LIFE ITSELF but rather just your LIFE STORY. Learn from those who have gone before you. Listen to good advice and always weigh-in with those to whom you are accountable.

Humility is hard, but HUMILIATION can be devastating ... YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!

So as I continue on the journey to my new little home, the acquisition and the rest I will continue to share life's little revelations and my eternal gratitude!